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Audit of Computer Network – DURING SUMMER FREE OF CHARGE

  • does your IT solution operate at 100%?
  • does your network contain any security holes, viruses and bottlenecks?
  • is everything really backed up?
  • isn´t your network too “overcomplicated”?

If you are interested in an unbiased opinion of an independent party meet our consultant. During June and July we offer a free-of-charge consulting and audit of a computer network to all companies which are serious about their IT solutions.

What Does the Audit Include?

  • a university-educated IT specialist with an extensive practice of minimum of 6 yeras in the field of expertise comes to your place
  • assessment of your IT problems
  • evaluation of effectiveness and modernness of your computer solution
  • detection of errors (the easier errors might be eliminated on-site)
  • suggetions for improvement, savings

Why Do We Do It?

We frequently encounter companies whose network works somehow but nobody knows exactly how the security policy is set, whether key elements are backed up, if licensing is correct. Sometimes there is no documentation at all. The crucial thing, however, is that the network operates. Very often it is a time bomb because the company running depends on the IT solution. Companies start to look for a professional IT provider only after something disastrous for the company has happened – although this approach might be very dangerous. Therefore we suggest looking at these issues together. You might not need our services but maybe they will enable you perspective development – see for yourselves.

If you are interested in a no-obligation meeting with our consultant,regarding the audit for free, fill in the form below and we will contact you.


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