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Penetration Tests

Penetration test is a method of evaluating security of a computer system or network by means of a simulated attack from a dangerous source. Testing focuses on both the internal and external network (both wired and wireless). The goal of this testing is to find as many security errors as possible due to which an attacker might get into the system. Penetration tests should therefore be a vital part of every company´s security. Problems are better to be avoided. Thanks to penetration tests it is possible to prevent the companies from a number of security and operation errors. Penetration tests will provide you with answers to these questions:

  • What happens if the system is attacked by a hacker?
  • What could happen if your own employee interferes with the system inexpertly?
  • How much can the system be affected?

Penetration testing includes these tests:

  • test of entry points into network such as firewall, routers, packet filters, etc.
  • test of open ports
  • test of vulnerability of services and applications such as DNS, FTP, etc.
  • test of vulnerability by means of DoS attacks

External penetration test – simulates an attack on internal systems from the external environment. The worker concerned pretends to be a hacker and attempts to find security weaknesses to penetrate the system from the Internet network.

Internal penetration test – takes place in the internal network. The worker concerned preteding a common user attempts to gain unauthorized access to confidential information. The test thus practically intends to examine internal security mechanisms of the company which should prevent the company from unauthorized manipulation with internal company information.

Elimination of Security Problems

Based on the results of penetration tests, a report is completed, which informs about potential security risks and a possibility of attacking the system. The report also suggests how to eliminate or decrease security problems to minimum. Another output of these tests is assessment of individual applications and their condition as well as the entire computer system. Based on the tests we determine in what ways your system works inadequately and design the best possible optimization.

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