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Server Administration

Server administrration managed by us will save your time, worries and money. We are capable of managing servers operating on linux, windows or Mac platform. We either repair servers directly on client´s premises, we have a remote access or we house them in our place (server room in kovoterm building, Brno). Server administration in Brno is in good hands of professionals.
Administration of Windows Server

  • establishment, configuration and maintenance of a domain controller
  • exchange server
  • sharepoint portal server
  • traditional server roles (ftp, webserver, database, etc.)
  • terminal server
  • firewall, server network management and network operation monitoring
  • automatic back-up of the whole net

Administration of Linux Server

  • mail | web | ftp server
  • virtualization (several logical servers placed in a physical one)
  • intelligent data storage
  • high load computing cluster
  • firewall, server network management
  • special usage (crawling, data-mining, etc.)

Administration of MAC servers

  • terminal server
  • data storage suitable for MAC
  • web | mail | ftp server

Server administration always conforms to individual client´s requirements. Servers are a crucial part of every company, therefore we provide our clients with free-of-carge monitoring of server availability by means of our resources. We are also able to implement automated handlers (watchdogs) in case of emergency server events. Professional server administration.

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