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Network and Computer Administration in Brno and the Surroundings

Network administration is designed for those who manage network of one or more servers, or a greater number of separate PCs and it is not budget-wise for the company to employ their own network administrator or have an IT department. Network administration in Brno will save your time and money. Why to take us on to manage the network?

  • the network will work at 100%
  • we will create a central data repository which will provide different levels of access permissions
  • we will unite several branches into a single virtual network
  • we will provide a secure network connection from wherever on the Internet
  • you will be able to access all computers and printers in the network regardless of the place
  • we will secure your network against information leakage and viruses
  • all computers (including laptops) will be backed up
  • data present in portable laptops will be encrypted (in case of laptop theft there is no danger of misusing the data)

How is the Cooperation Managed?

  • our technician will visit you and talk to you about your experience and IT needs
  • he will find critical errors in your network (usually the errors are as follows: bottlenecks, inadequate back-up, bad security policy, inability to implement some IT operations – access from one computer to another)
  • after a mutual agreement there will be a technician at hand who will gradually eliminate errors and optimize the network so that it fulfils your expectations in detail
  • if required a technician can provide remote assistance at any time or visit you personally (technician´s reaction time is within 24 hours including weekends)

Network Administration Pricelist – Brno and the Surroundings

  • initial consulting of the network is free of charge
  • real hour rate of our technician is 690 CZK/h
  • we base our operation on individual approach to every client therefore we work only in Brno and the surroundings. In case of longer distance we charge 7 CZK/km as travel expenses.
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